Sunday, September 30, 2007

FUN MAZA is really FUN

Ever tried to fool anyone by sending a funny mailer?

FUNNY MAILER?? wondering what is it??
yeah... even my reaction was the same when i heard it for the first time.

Lets assume that u have a friend who is a die-hard fan of BILL GATES. U wanted to fool him with billgates emailID. And can easily be the original email ID of BILL GATES. Now,can anyone send u a mail from the answer is NO... except BILL GATES himself or anyone who knows his password, no one can send u the mail from his email ID.

HEY WAIT A MIN...funny mailer makes it possible.

U can send a mail to anyone with any email ID. All U need to do is CLICK HERE and fill in the details(don't forget the message u wanted to send) and then SUBMIT it.
Thats it... your job is DONE!! The mail will be sent and your friend will be fooled!!

For example...
SEND a mail with ID to ur friend with a message saying you have been offered a job in microsoft with a pay package of ___ !!
Even if your friend reacts to that mail and replies to that mail that mail will be sent to the original mail id(if it really exists)!!

For more clarity, try it out urself.U will definitely appreciate the website!!
Here is the link

have fun !! & play safe!!

Also please read the disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: All the above mentioned content is just to improve the general knowledge of bloggers!! and i am not responsible if u misuse the information and get into any trouble!!
Please use this tool very wisely so that both the parties will have fun. Also C that in this process the existing healthy relationship should not be spoilt!!

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