Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live Your Dream :-)

There are two reasons for writing this post.
  1. I was closely tracking 'ROCK ON' ever since it was first out in media! close to 6months back. So its not fair to let it go without writing a review.
  2. More than entertainment this movie gives its audience a message. A genuine lesson on life.
With a versatile and talented artist Farhan Akthar in the crew & the genius trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy music, this film promises to be quite different for the usual Bollywood movies. For obvious reasons I wanted to watch this movie even if it is a flop. Get set & go... First day second show !! ROCK ON.

FA's earlier 3movies are all of different genres. DCH was all about friendship. Lakshya was about achieving a goal. Don, a remake of yesteryear's 'Don', was all about illegal trade & drugs.
Let me remind you ROCK ON is not directed by FA. After watching the movie I felt it is a blend of his earlier two movies!!(DCH & Lakshya). Rock On is not just about friendship but also about living a dream!! The music of this movie is not liked by everyone. It has to be taken with a pinch of salt. I am listening to 'Rock On' since the Day 1 of its music launch!! I have liked it to that extent.Movie Starts with 'Socha Hai' a rocking number! A minute late into the cinema you are undoubtedly going to miss the best part. The idea of clubbing the past with the present didn't really looked like worked(you need to watch the movie for better understanding of this statement). Four friends, each of them were gifted with some magic create a Rock band and they call it 'MAGIK' & rightly so. Aditya(FA) is the lead singer, Joe(Arjun Rampal) the lead guitarist, Rob(Luke Kenny) the keyboard player & RD(Purab Kohli) the kick ass drummer.

Every move in the movie is quite predictable. There will be a reminisce of Jhankar Beats too !! Rock On moves at a snails pace, primarily it lacks humor. Except the Rocking music, there is nothing in the movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I cant say it is yet another typical bollywood movie for the simple reason that you walk away from the cinema with a feeling of achievement!!(i will talk about this in the latter half). The taking and cinematography is quite natural and outstanding. The looks & hairstyles of all the actors are quite different & they perfectly resemble Rock Stars. FA has delivered his best & never looked like this is his debut movie as an actor. So are the other three. Rock On entertain you whenever there is a song!! You will be literally dancing on your seat. Rest of the times..... I think its understandable.

Just when 'Magik' becomes a huge success, the members of the band split and take different routes for a silly reason. Adithya becomes an Investment Banker!! RD handles his father's jewellery business, Rob is working with Anu Mallik & Joe does almost nothing!! After 10years they realize what they have missed in the life & reunite. They start off where have left 10years back & create the same 'MAGIK'. Here is where you get a feel of achievement ! Living your dream. Its quite natural to imagine urself in the shoes of the protagonist of the movie. But this time there is something more to it... Living a Dream.

All of us in our teenage or early twenties dream of achieving something in life but most of us end up doing something else than what we have dreamt of!! I am sure you all will agree with me. It happened to me as well.... & it happened to many of them i know. The earlier hit of the year 'Tare Zameen Par' also tries to iterate the same thing & Aamir was damn successful in conveying the message. He left a footprint not just in the hearts but also the minds of the audience. We just compromise and leave our passions aside & move on with a mechanical life. You are going to be remembered only when your passion for something turns into your profession. ROCK ON does more or less the same.

Rock On is more about Living your dream. You will not worry much about anything if you start living your dream. In the process, others will just follow. Lets start living 'in' our dreams... go to bed !!