Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Steve the iCON

Steven Paul Jobs....the human whom i adore the most,the human who is the source of inspiration for many,the human who motivated millions around the world,the human who fought with death and won the battle,the human who is responsible for today's GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE(GUI), the KING of technology,the EMPEROR of brand marketing,the GOD of innovation,the impetus for APPLE, an innate genius,a MAVERICK, a pure soul & an iCON.

After mentioning this much about him if i still say he is just a normal human-being,it is definitely injustice! For me he is not just a human,he is a perfect living LEGEND & PURE SOUL!!

STEVE STEVE STEVE in my blood !!

APPLE-MICROSOFT rivalry still continues......

Both the companies are the best in its kind....but...the fact remains. Fact is that Bill Gates' WINDOWS is the copied version of STEVE JOBS' MAC OS !!

MAC OS X 89 = WINDOWS 95 !!


This was the first time these two appeared together on stage since 1983. In 1991 they were photographed together for an interview. In 1997, Gates appears via satellite during a Jobs talk. The New York Times was unable to get a photographer into this 2007 event so The NYT online ran this picture.

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