Monday, July 12, 2010

FIFA Fever !

Was BLOWN AWAY by the soccer mania, completely !! Had a gala time for a month... never thought Football is such a beautiful game. Have to confess... I was never a huge fan of football... I used to occasionally watch it earlier. But as they say 'you are known by the company you keep' , 'being with a winner makes u a winner' ... being with my football crazy colleagues made me thoroughly enjoy the sport. Watching football (any sport for that matter) with a bunch of crazy friends is one of the best times u can ever dream off.

We all follow club football keenly. But the world cup has taken the interest in this sport to the next level. There are hardly any moments/matches that went unnoticed (caught the highlights if I had missed the action LIVE). My Football knowledge would have easily got 5x in the past one month. Add to that my company's name on the ad hoardings. 9mins of advertising in every world cup match !! whoahoooooooooooooo.... best feeling I ever had about my company.... believe me ... I wasn't this happy ever so far in my career so far !!

Last one week of world cup has been even more amazing ! Reason - Prateek was in town !! yes... just to watch the last 4 matches with us. Been to sports bar, had a wild party at Vibhor's pent house, Watched few sick movies, got drenched in rain almost every night, had to go to the office without taking bath !! :P etc.. etc.. etc.. All this has come to an end last night. There will be a brief pause now. EPL kick off in about a month from now... :) I just hope, professionally, things will settle by then. Fingers crossed /\ More updates to follow in my upcoming posts... ciao

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Joy Ride !

For me, there were two much awaited events so far this year - KITES & AJAY's INDIA TRIP. (Un)Luckily both coincided !! I booked 3 tickets for much hyped KITES for the coming saturday evening on wednesday evening itself (@cineplanet).

Heads up - when we both go together, track record of getting things done smoothly is very poor.

So... saturday evening ... excited(not really, specially after reading reviews). We took our seats and the movie was just about to begin & .... & suddenly the screen has gone blank ! We thought there must be some technical glitch and movie will begin shortly & stuck to our seats with a fountain coke in hand. College crowd behind our row went wild - full of energy- each time a girl steps in :P The wait seemed longer than expected... wild college gang became calm, tired and weak... after 30mins, slowly people started going out(unable to bear the humidity inside - no A/C) ... we realized there must be something wrong. We trio followed them... moved out... only to learn that there is power but the problem is with the main transformer from where the power gets circulated!!! The F word came out loud :P Clueless... Helpless... people started queuing up to collect their (ticket) money back. Unable to withstand the crowd, we left the place without collecting the money.

Next Thursday ... a weekday... late night show... same place ... but different movie ... we were only 2 this time. After a lot of struggle we got our refund in the form of tickets to some other movie. We gracefully accepted as we do not have any other plans. Done with dinner, it is then 9:45pm... Show time - 10pm... we were just waiting outside for the gates to open.... and history repeats !! it's dark all around... again yelled the F word loud :P learnt from the security that this has become a frequent phenomenon in that multiplex !! It's 10.15pm now... we thought of calling it off... collected money back and thought of going to Prasad's to watch the 11pm 'The Prince of Persia' premier show. Prasad's is not less than 20kms from the place we are in that time. We have about 30mins to reach and buy tickets !! If we ride... with the kind of roads in HYD...I'm sure we can make it only for next day early morning show !!... I knew we have to fly to make it in time !! Challenge accepted !! I unleashed my monster bike - YAMAHA FZ... it was NH7 ... a heavenly stretch of 4kms... touched 100KMs/hr in no time :-) ... technically we were flying :-) what a ride it was :D

Finally we made it with a handsome 5mins !!! Ajay went to buy tickets... I went to park my ride. After all these efforts I got a call from Ajay in parking lot saying - TICKETS SOLD OUT :( never mind... I did not watch KITES yet... & tickets are available in plenty for this one :P we grabbed 2 and entered the cinema. This time no surprises... the show went on smoothly !! & interestingly it wasn't as bad as the critics rated... at least to me ! :-)

This ride will definitely worth it !! One of the memorable ones... tnx Ajay... hope you thoroughly enjoyed sitting on my pillion seat :P Sorry if the ride wasn't as sleek as it would have been in Abu Dhabi :P

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Iron Man 2

Iron Man - 1 was stunning & captivating! It was so sooo soooo well made... you hardly get bored. Iron Man 1 was in the league of hardcore action movies like Dark Knight & Die Hard 4.0 !! But it's sequel Iron Man 2, I'm afraid, is not that good - but, still watchable.

Robert Downey Jr. is simply mesmerizing with his quick & witty one-liners like "I have successfully privatized world peace!!", "I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one", " I will formally apologize later" ... sorry guys, can't remember more... I felt the movie was a lil slow considering the benchmark set in the first part. The action sequence on the Monte Carlo F1 race track is worth watching a million times...

If you are a super hero fan, then you won't have many complaints. At the end of the movie you feel you haven't wasted money at all. It's much better than mindless, senseless & ridiculous movies of Akshay Kumar :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burger maniac !

I thought if I don't post something today, I will not be able to post anything for another fortnight at least ! Reason: world cup T20 begins this weekend !! :P ... Was so busy following IPL on Youtube for the past 6weeks !

My passion for food has grown leaps and bounds in the past 1 yr !! Mercury is rising ... & so is my passion for burgers :-). Used to be a regular McD & KFC customer when my office was at Trimulgherry. Ever since that office was shut, I had to create opportunities :P, find a frnd or two to go grab a bite of the soft, delicious and yummy burgers !

In the past 2 months I have been a lil on the back foot when it comes to going out... courtesy - scorching summer. But, but, but, I'm making up for it by having at least one burger each day at the office cafeteria ! YES... we have got a mini 'Mongini's' stall in our STC cafeteria ! This burger may not be in McD or KFC's league... but its taste is definitely unique. Trust me, I had 12 burgers in the past 12 working days !! This stuff is getting on to me... Its a short and simple lunch and I'm loving every bite of it !!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Quite excited about this weekend... IPL begins, Formula 1 season kickstarts, Hockey world cup final and EPL matches!! It's gonna be a very hectic 2days. Invitation has already come from Durga Elite - Pent house for what is going to be a rollicking weekend!! To add to these, Ashok & Yadi are coming from B'lore & Bombay respectively as well... Probably this is the first time I am sad to meet my friends :-( I have already rejected Ash's proposal of watching 'AVATAR' in IMAX - not bcoz of time, coz it is f***ing boring to watch it third time !! To be simple & straight, I did not find anything spectacular about this movie... except graphics - which are appreciable. It is all hype, no substance at all. Sorry ASH.

Anyway... this week i am gonna race against time !! its going to be a litmus test for my time managing skills :P I shouldn't say NO anymore to anyone and still manage to watch everything LIVE !!

Just get a feel that CHARGERS are going to lift the championship trophy this year as well.... here is a logical reason - we are not playing in RAJIV GANDHI INTERNATIONAL CRICKET STADIUM/UPPAL STADIUM. Thanks to T-campaigners !! This stadium has jinx. DC has lost all their 9 home matches so far !! add 3 more to that list (Indian team too has lost all the matches they played in this ground so far !!) that makes it a full DOZEN !!!!!! unbelievable ....... home ground is expected to bring luck, but... it is the other way around here. Anyway... I'm happy that this season, no matches are being held in this stadium and at the same time sad as I cannot cheer for my fav team LIVE.

Wishlist for this weekend: DC must win both the matches, Vettel should win the Bahrain GP, Force India/Schumi should finish on podium, Karun Chandok should finish in points table, Germany should win the hockey world cup, Fulham & Hull city should beat the shit out of ManU & Arsenal respectively, Chelsea should win the game against West Ham reach the TOP of the table !!!! &&& I should also attend the 5hrs extended saturday's Informatica class + Hair cut + Sunday's gully cricket match + meet friends !!!!

I think I should skip silly things like taking bath, eating food, talking to parents, browsing, afternoon nap, etc..,

I know the list is huge... but so is the weekend !!!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

4 Adieus & 1 welcome !

This FEB by far is the most action packed month I remember. I have bid farewell to 3 of my friends, my brother and received 1 friend!! Viru, Prateek & Sai have left Hyd chasing their their dreams and Vinay has come to visit Hyd for 3weeks after a long gap of 1.5yrs. Vinay went to US in Aug 08 for higher studies. He got placed in Cisco and have to report in San Jose next month. I know him for over a decade now. Almost everyone I know who flew abroad for studies have changed, & that is quite natural. But this guy is still the same - way he talks, walks, food habits, genre of movies etc., nothing has changed about him. I don't know how he managed but trust me, he is still the same.

Viru flew to South Africa for the FIFA project, Prateek left to Delhi - his hometown & Sai flew to UK to pursue masters.

Viru had 2 dreams (related to sports) - 1. to watch soccer world cup & 2. to watch cricket world cup!! He will live his first dream when the world cup begins this June in SA. Durga Elite is the apartments name where our gang hangs out every week. Durga Elite becomes a mini sports bar on weekends!! All 7 of us are sport maniacs. To make things even more interesting we play fantasy premier league !! The discussions usually happen on 4 important topics - 1. Sports(ranging for Cricket to Tennis, F1 & Soccer included !!) 2. CoRCC/Satyam 3. Movies & 4. Chicks !! ( 50 - 25 - 15 -10 respectively). Everyone except Nikhil is/was a part of CoRCC at some point of their career in Satyam. But, But, Nikhil knows equally well about ppl in CoRCC (no wonder how).

From this week, we are only 5 :( In the course of next few weeks/months this number might go down further as everyone is in queue to move out of CoRCC. Guess that's how life is ... addition & subtraction of friends on a regular basis.

Will for sure miss them :-( All the best guys...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Super Sunday !

Last night we've been to Sports Bar in Banjara hills. I was the only teetotaler in the group of 7 !! One of the prime reasons of not being to any bars/pubs till now is that always used to think all bars will be smoking zones where the cigar smoke is more dense than the fog at Delhi airport !! Specially after Bar One nightmare, I thought I would never step into the bar ever. Contrary to my belief, Sports Bar was quite decent. In fact it is rocking !! Then I've learnt that all bars are not smoking zones. Good for me !

The occasion was ManU Vs Arsenal match. 4 for Aresenal & 2 for ManU & me as Chelsea supporter took a neutral stand initially, but tilted towards ManU when the match actually begun:P Idea was to get a balance (4-3). Anyway, it turned out to be a very boring match as ManU crushed Arsenal by a 3-1 & got close to Chelsea. Half of the Arsenal battalion left by half time as the scorecard read 2-0 in favor of ManU.

But the real fun began after the match ended... in fact an hour after the match has ended. We all were just done having food & saw a bunch of fanboys coming in to the bar at 12.30 or so... they too were a mix of Arsenal & ManU fans and most importantly they all were in a single group ! The losers (Arsenal fans) started yelling Arsenal, as a true fan stands by to his/her team. It caught the attention of rivals and IT all began !! IT refers to the verbal fight... the fight raged on, situation heated up when all fanboys gathered and arguing where everyone kept shouting and no one can hear what the opposite person is saying. I was a lone spectator watching it from a distance, sitting in a corner of the couch!! It was all chaos for a while... but everything seemed to be in control !! Arsenal fans started yelling the slogan 'ManU, FUCK U' & 'ARESNAL, HUMARE DIL MEIN HAR PAL' !! After an intense 20 - 30 mins argument defending their teams & portraying the so called 'cheap' tactics of the opposite teams, our group moved on. The good part of this fight is that no one took it too seriously despite consuming barons of alcohol in the past 3 hrs. Everyone was in good spirits !

In all it was a good outing... & I am not scared of going to BAR again :-)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year !!

To the visitors of my blog (if any :P), I wish you a very Happy & a prosperous New Year