Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Basic rules of bachelorhood

This post was supposed to be published last year(2010) during this time. That was when I have experienced the so called bachelor life for the first time ever. I was in Bhubaneshwar for a few months and everything was kind of new... started jotting down few strange things (I felt strange) which I got used to soon !

1. Nothing is ur own... no , not even ur toilet soap :P
2. You can never sleep before midnight and can never wake up before sunrise !
3. Be prepared to open the main door at 2:30 AM
4. Prefer to live in the dark to go out and buy a new electric bulb to replace the old one.
5. Prefer eating sandwich for survival to cook or go out and buy lunch (particularly on weekends!)

PS: It was definitely weird but now I kind of miss that ! :-)