Thursday, March 11, 2010


Quite excited about this weekend... IPL begins, Formula 1 season kickstarts, Hockey world cup final and EPL matches!! It's gonna be a very hectic 2days. Invitation has already come from Durga Elite - Pent house for what is going to be a rollicking weekend!! To add to these, Ashok & Yadi are coming from B'lore & Bombay respectively as well... Probably this is the first time I am sad to meet my friends :-( I have already rejected Ash's proposal of watching 'AVATAR' in IMAX - not bcoz of time, coz it is f***ing boring to watch it third time !! To be simple & straight, I did not find anything spectacular about this movie... except graphics - which are appreciable. It is all hype, no substance at all. Sorry ASH.

Anyway... this week i am gonna race against time !! its going to be a litmus test for my time managing skills :P I shouldn't say NO anymore to anyone and still manage to watch everything LIVE !!

Just get a feel that CHARGERS are going to lift the championship trophy this year as well.... here is a logical reason - we are not playing in RAJIV GANDHI INTERNATIONAL CRICKET STADIUM/UPPAL STADIUM. Thanks to T-campaigners !! This stadium has jinx. DC has lost all their 9 home matches so far !! add 3 more to that list (Indian team too has lost all the matches they played in this ground so far !!) that makes it a full DOZEN !!!!!! unbelievable ....... home ground is expected to bring luck, but... it is the other way around here. Anyway... I'm happy that this season, no matches are being held in this stadium and at the same time sad as I cannot cheer for my fav team LIVE.

Wishlist for this weekend: DC must win both the matches, Vettel should win the Bahrain GP, Force India/Schumi should finish on podium, Karun Chandok should finish in points table, Germany should win the hockey world cup, Fulham & Hull city should beat the shit out of ManU & Arsenal respectively, Chelsea should win the game against West Ham reach the TOP of the table !!!! &&& I should also attend the 5hrs extended saturday's Informatica class + Hair cut + Sunday's gully cricket match + meet friends !!!!

I think I should skip silly things like taking bath, eating food, talking to parents, browsing, afternoon nap, etc..,

I know the list is huge... but so is the weekend !!!!!!