Monday, September 03, 2007

Vijay Hooooooo !!

FORMULA ONE(F1) Racing,the sport which contains more adrenaline rush than any other sport, cars weighing about 600KG, with 2400CC and 300BHP cruising away on the track with temperature ranging from 50 to 90 degrees at a deadly speed of 300Kmph.... the electrifying atmosphere,the ecstatic crowd,the fast and the furious cars on track and the charming and most elegant racers in the cock-pit.......WOW!! the scene for me is just WOWWWW!!

I started watching F1 3 years back.At that time it was just another sport for me.But today it is more like a passion.F1 is as important as CRICKET,for me at least.and this passion became double overnight when the liquor baron of india Mr. VIJAY MALLYA has bought the F1 racing team SPYKER FERRARI for 90million EUROS!! There were no bounds for the F1 crazy fans in INDIA.The chances of watching F1-LIVE on track became more now.Ironically the fastest indian NARAIN KARTHIKAIN also made his F1 debut from this team.Earlier it was JORDAN, then the dutch spyker bought the loss making Jordan.

Vijay Mallya was on a shopping spree these days!! yeah... shopping of companies!!
Initially he bought WHITE & MACKAY,a scotch whisky firm under UB(united beweries) and became one of the top scotch whisky producer in the world.Then he purchased 26% stake in DECCAN AVIATION which was under captain GOPINATH.and now he eyed F1.Infact this is not the first time he has entered motor sport.I have never seen such an enthusiastic fan of MOTOR SPORTS of his age in INDIA. His KINGFISHER was the official sponsor of TOYOTA F1 team.
Force India F1
VIJAY MALLYA gets things done by some it by willingness of the target company or by applying brute force techniques!! He is a man with huge interest in sports.... some of his key positions in various sports....

SOCCER: owns east bengal & mohun bagan.
TENNIS: sponsors the ATP Kingfisher Open.
HORSE RACING: Owns 150horses. president of karnataka racehorseowners association.He is also the main sponsor of INDIAN DERBY.
MOTORSPORT: he is the chairman of the motorsports association of india(MAI). and the Federation of motor sports clubs of india.

Now that INDIA also owns a F1 team from 2008 the chances of an INDIAN GP are mighty high.This became even more mightier when the CEO of F1 bernie ecclestone's visit to india a couple of weeks back. He gave a Green signal. Now the rest is with INDIAN gov. lets c how well indian gov makes use of this golden opportunity. If we r successful in bagging this chance then the wheels of fortune of india are going to change forever! it will do a world of good to our country.India will come more into the limelight.Indian tourism can also be promoted.

for now..just hoping to watch NARAIN back on track as soon as possible.

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