Saturday, October 25, 2008

The tiny Squirrel in my tiny Garden

Hey Guys... these pics are of a tiny squirrel, found in my garden last week. You might say...whats so interesting about this ?! Normally Squirrels are found on and around trees & they generally run away from humans. But interestingly this squirrel wants to live among humans ! We drop it in the garden and it immediately runs into the house along with us. It crawls on to the human body all over.... causing some awkward feeling. I don't know when I am going to get a Lab but I have got a Rodent without asking !!

Thought of taking few snaps and post it in my blog. Here they are...

On the Guava tree...

Smile Please....

Posing for a perfect SNAP... ! Picture Perfect :)

She is finally on my Computer Table too..... :)

Mr. Mouse or Mr. Rodent... who is heavier !

This is a video of the Naughty Squirrel... it would have, for sure won a GOLD for India in long jump !! Just watch it.... its amazing.

Sadly.... after 3 days, this squirrel looked very weak. It was not as active as it used to be.... It became difficult for it even to move. Reasons unknown..... Y'day morning it was found dead in my veranda :-( :-( :-( A TRAGIC END :'(

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Few Updates from my L!F3

Its been quite some time that I spoke about the happenings @ my end. Thought of penning down today. Hmmm.... where should I start? L!F3 is currently a lil messy.


Alright... I'll start where I have last ended --- Graduation,Satyam,Planning etc.,! when all seemed to be going good with my career. I have joined the Resource Planning team & started learning new things. Thought this is a wonderful step as I was involved in some of the very interesting & key processes at the corporate level. There was a sense of achievement initially as the enthu levels were very high. Everything went well till the end of last financial year. Later on life started moving in a slow motion ! may be because of the fact that I get bored easily when I start doing the same things repeatedly. Yes.... Time & Again i was doing the same stuff at my work place. A process driven by corporate but a lot to do with individual businesses in the organization. I lost interest in my work as the learning has reached a point of saturation. Meanwhile there were few unexpected changes in my team. There were 2 new team mates. I have asked my boss to release me.... which makes some sense too !! But my boss diplomatically denied my proposal ! :( Better luck next time !
Huh.... I am sick & tired doing this boring sh*t each day. Cant help....need to DO. Don't know for how long.....:(


The less I say the better it is ! Just think that all my friends have queued up to leave me alone !! One after other.... Brahmam, Madhu, Pavan, Girish, Avinash, Arvind, Vaibhav, Ajay, Vinay, Abhineet & now Aishik.... huh.. the list is directly proportional to my increasing age(may be in DAYS) :-( And towards the other end there are few friends(so called) are still living in this city but hardly meet ;) May be they have become a lil busy with their lives(personal:P). Understandably my password to pastime is 'MOVIES'. Of course, the downloaded ones. Thanks to Riaz :) Courtesy Internet :D Amid these extreme changes I found few really interesting people at work. One of them is Anurag Bhattacharjee(AB)-The walking encyclopedia. he he he... U need not Google if Jr. AB is with you. Believe me this kiddo has got a memory of at least 250Tera Bytes!! Aishik looks completely settled in his new marketing role & currently his Dine & Wine happens only with CXOs!!!!!!!!! Then there are two nightingales - Gunjan & Deepika !! One interested in social service and the other dedicated to work ! One operates on the principle of "Service to Mankind is Service to God!" & the other operates on "Work is Worship" & sometimes 'War'ship too!!(lol). Next up is Robert Kotus from Poland. He is my 15 days old friend(call him colleague!!) We are currently on a Mission... Mission is to teach Robert Hindi, taste him the south Indian spicy food, teach him how to ride a bike in Hyderabad traffic & many more such weird things. In one word... this mission is to make Robert a Hyderabadi by the time leaves India :) he he he.


August 1st week.... I was completely living in solitude. The last close mate Vinay has left to US chasing his dreams and aspirations. No company to jog. Then it striked me to start playing Badminton(which was once in my Blood!!!) once again. There is an indoor shuttle badminton court around 5kms away from my home. Without wasting any time I have quickly started playing in the mornings. As I am playing Badminton after a long gap, it took me almost a month to gain the lost form!!


We are Three till now & we are going to be soon six!! Read on....
Grandmom is in my home currently :) Gokul(my brother) who is working in Bangkok for the past 20months has resigned and coming back forever!! If there is anyone whom I missed the most in my life till now then it is him. coz... I missed him almost throughout my life as he always used to stay away from home-right from childhood to teenage for studies & now for work :( I think he is calling it quits now. He is returning by tomorrow's flight. Yuppieeeee!! Then the last addition in my family will be a new pet. Probably a Labrador. Its gonna be a rocking family...A perfect one!!

Thats it for now.........I will post the pics of my complete family very soon*
* - depends on the new entrant --- Mr. Lab