Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bill Gates clicks on "LOG OFF"

Its been quite some time now that Bill Gates thought of bidding farewell to Microsoft. He's been in charge of Microsoft for over 3 decades now. He is one of the best business men the mighty US has produced. Now he called it quits! He has topped the Forbes list consecutively for over 13yrs. We all know him as the world's richest man. But very few people know about the other side of this legend. He along with his wife Melinda Gates has started a charity organization named Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Mr. & Mrs. Gates will be working full time for this good cause from now on.

Almost every one is aware of the cold war between Steve Jobs & Bill Gates. I have been always a huge fan of Steve Jobs. "Bill Gates always wanted to be an innovator but remained to be a Business man, Steve Jobs always wanted to be a Business Man but remained to be an Innovator!!" Mind saying this I am not degrading Bill Gates! He is the one of the best and will remain to be....

Warren Buffett....another legend, a role model, a classic example, God of stock markets is an unsung hero. Buffett has just taken over the world's richest man tag away from Bill Gates. He is over 76 now and still going strong. Though this news is a lil old, it deserves a mention in every scene! Warren Buffett has donated about 75% of his wealth to Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Can you believe it !! A person slogs his entire life and makes close to $ 50Billion and gives away three-fourth of his wealth to charity!! Hats off Buffett...

I am sure Bill Gates deserves a much better post than this... But....

Wishing Bill Gates a very good luck for his second innings!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vroom Vrooom Vroooom

I was waiting for the past 6months for this day ! I have post-poned the plans of buying a new bike for myself just because of YAMAHA's new 150CC power bike launch. Must have had a look at Yamaha India's official website at least a 100times till now!! through which I got to know the technology used and various specifications of this bike & the day has finally come(12.06.2008).

The all new Yamaha R15(a variant of the legendary R1) has been officially launched in INDIA.

Yamaha's has got only one hit model in INDIA till date. Thats RX Series. This time around I should say its a very bold,smart and well calculated move which Yamaha has made. With the launch of power bikes in INDIA they want to bring in a revolution in motor biking. Its really too ambitious to expect an instant hit. But slowly the things will turn around. Say in the next 5years or so, we will be seeing more and more 150CC+ bikes on the roads. Its the Indian Youth's changing lifestyles and the passion for speed which plays a major role. I feel, Yamaha this time got everything just about right when it comes to the performance of R15. With tubeless tyres on & 6 speed gear box and @ 140 KMPH, undoubtedly this beast is the fastest bike on Indian roads. Pulsars, Karizmas, Apaches & CBZs will stay at bay when they race with R15. But(yeah... these But's' are always there !!) the price seems to be a little too high for a common man. @ over 1 Lakh for a 150CC bike & increasing fuel prices each day, people who are filthy rich only might go for it right now. Yamaha might just reconsider its price after having a look at the sales at the end of this FY.

CLICK HERE to know more about this stunning beauty ! Be careful, It might just take ur breath away.

As of now, I have kept the plans of buying a power bike on Hold. One thing which is common between Mobiles, Bikes & Girls is that you will always get a better model if u can wait longer!!
With 2 world class product launches in a span of less than a week(Apple iPhone 2.0 & Yamaha R15) I am on cloud 9.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

iPhone 2.0

STEVE is back ! U must have seen/read the new iPhone 2.0 launch/review. But still, this gadget is worth mentioning any number of times. Below are the reasons....

1. It has 3G
2. It has GPS
3. It has Bluetooth Headset for Radio
4. It has MS Exchange Active Sync
5. It allows third party apps & Many more..

If you think these are no big deal for you to buy iPhone then you need to think again. coz the killer of all is its price. YES, with just 199$ for a 8GB & 300$ for a 16GB phone APPLE is also into a price war. Of course, U need to sign a post paid 2yr contract with the service provider in ur country. Apart from this I don't find even a single pitfall in this phone. But dont worry, hackers & crackers are always there to do the unlocking part of it !! This phone has got all the features that u need.

I cant wait to get my hands on it!! I have pre-registered for an iPhone for myself. If u r also looking to buy this stunningly beautiful and stylishly sexy master-piece then register right here, right now(for Indian Citizens only).
Airtel users
Vodafone users

Eagerly waiting for its INDIA launch. No wonder the monthly rental will be at least Rs.800/month and I really doubt if it costs 199$ in INDIA !! I am GAME even if I need to shed few extra bucks.

Monday, June 09, 2008


RED was ruling the roost in the F1 2008 season till now. McLaren, BMW were struggling to catch up with the Ferrari's pace. Renault, Red Bull, Honda & Toyota were no where in the picture!! Kimi and Massa were in fantabulous form. Just when almost everyone thought its going to be the Ferrari all the way, both the constructors and the drivers championship are now wide open! After 7 GPs for the first time this season the top 4 drivers standings are separated by just 7Points. Ferrari & BMW are going neck to neck for the constructors. Ferrari is on the top with 73 points leading BMW by just 3points. I am sure McLaren will soon join the party to make things even more interesting.

Kimi & his team(Ferrari) were way ahead of others till the Turkish GP. But in the next two races the whole scene has changed. BMW's promising driver Kubica is leading the drivers championship. I must say this Polish driver is going great guns. With his consistency he is going full throttle and firing all the cylinders. Thanks to the wonderful engine developed by BMW this season. They are matching the pace of Ferrari & McLaren !! One must say lil luck too favored BMW in the Canadian GP. After that Adrian Sutil's gear box failure, safety car has spoiled the strategy of Ferrari. Adding to that, Hamilton has hit Kimster from behind in the pits. Poor Hamilton didnot see the RED light ON(he must have born in HYDERABAD!! Hyderabadi istyle of crossing the junctions). This soon led to chaos in pits(ADVANTAGE BMW).

Eagerly looking forward for the GP in France. Its going to be fun. Its going to be full of adrenaline rush. Its going to be a key race for both the RED Drivers. Its going to be do or die for McLaren(for constructors). If Kimi fails to make a podium finish this time alone, its going to be an uphill task for him to defend his title(which was hard fought and won last season). He is an iconic driver but some serious questions will be raised on his consistency again. But considering the fact that Hamilton is fined 10 grid places penalty for the French GP, the way for KIMI is quite clear(unless McLarens go on a single pitstop strategy!).

ICEMAN set the track on FIRE. GO KIMI .....U ROCK.

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