Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peace out !

With the much hyped Ind Vs Pak semifinal match tomorrow, it is going to be a record breaking TRP event for sure. Students are planning give the classes a miss, working pros are planning to bunk the offices, in fact our company is organizing a live screening of the complete match ! little to do with the associate's interest though (more to make associates come to office!! win-win situation u know :P)...

All most all TV channels have made any news/info related to this match a headline! How many of you watch 'Headlines Today'? well for starters let me tell you, this is the English version of 'Aaj Tak' (on a serious note, both these channels belong to 'India Today' group! & hence those similar 'malasa' characteristics). I have been desperately watching Headlines Today over the past 4days just to see if there is any other important news than Ind Vs Pak semifinal ! Believe me... there was none!(at least to Headlines Today's knowledge :P) Cricket is & was the only headline.. all their shows are filled with news, views & debates on cricket... shockingly they have started showing highlights of all four previous Ind-Pak world cup encounters! something which Star Cricket does!! Headlines Today for sure has become everything else except a news channel... huh...

Anyway.... with Manmohan Singh inviting his Pak counter-part for the match & Mr. Gilani gleefully accepting the invitation, the game is not just a game anymore. In the sense, we are again going to start the 'Peace talks', 'Cross border terrorism' etc., These two bitter rivals, who used to celebrate when something bad happens in the other region are showing signs of friendship again! Relations have deteriorated from bad to worse over the past 4 years or so, with a series of bomb blasts and the infamous Mumbai hostility event. But it looks like cricket is going to reignite the talks between both nations, which is actually good. Lets just hope things progress +vely from hereon. But deep within still every one has a pinch of hatred for the other nation! & it cannot be wiped off with just game called cricket.

I read an interesting article in the morning. All hotels are running full in Mohali and cross borders visitors(call them spectators) have no accommodation. So, people of Punjab have shown amazing courtesy & offered accommodation in their very own houses !! I was awestruck when I read this ! When it comes to patriotism (call it hatred for Pak), two Indian states stand well ahead of the rest - Punjab & West Bengal !! But this time around people in Mohali are really acting as wonderful hosts - Hats off, take a bow Mohali !!

Media termed this match as the mother of all battles... Yes, it is against Pakistan but the truth is that it is just another match & it cannot be deemed bigger than final. There will be only one winner tomorrow - Cricket !

Monday, March 14, 2011

M for Marriage !

Over the past 6 months, one thought is drooling in my mind & it is about marriage. No, not mine... But people around me, colleagues I look at every day, friends who give me company on weekends.. every one, literally every one is getting married or at least thinking about it !!

Oh c'mon, I am hardly 26 and so are most of my friends.. few are a few months younger than me !! There are quite a few things that I did not understand so far in my two and a half decades of life. Marriage is one of them! What seemed fine till y'day changed drastically in less than 6months. 6 of my close friends got married in the last 4 months) and few more are in Pipeline. I'm struggling to find some proper company to hangout in free time. People who are married are busy setting up a new home... and people who are about to get married are busy going around their fiancees :P The only past time left for me now is to watch movies at home. Have to quickly find a way out to kill this boredom before it kills me...

Don't know what's happening, but whatever is happening not at all excites me ;-) am I weird or is it just the world around me? huh... what am I talking .. Good Night and Good Luck !