Tuesday, September 25, 2007



I have posted an article on 10-aug-07 named "stock market blues". Hardly five weeks have passed....today 25-sep-07 things are looking completely different.Every thing looks GREEN.
STOCK MARKETS throughout the world have submerged in the SUB-PRIME saga.No one knew exactly how many days would it take to get out of that trauma.Of course thats the reason y stock markets are so thrilling & exciting .

BSE-SENSEX has touched the low of 13900 and was hovering & oscillating around 14k for some time. Added to that the situation looked threatening.There was a day when traders lost around 80k CRORES on a single day!! I thought of staying away from these VOLATILE markets for a while until the situation becomes stable.

Dont know when it happened, but .....now things surprisingly are in favour of investors and traders. It took just 45days to reach the zenith(16850) from the nadir(13800). & its going strong.All set today to touch that magical 17000 mark. The REASON ........... INDIA won the T20 world cup!!! So all the barriers and boundaries will be broken and all the hurdles will be crosed in this ecstasy.

If this is not a genuine reason for the markets to cross that 17k mark then here are few more.INDIA's biggest festive season is ahead!! we have just finished ganesh chaturdi.... soon ahead is DURGA PUJA!! if that is not sufficient there is DIWALI ahead of durga puja and there is going to be a 'blast' all over india!! So SEP, OCT & NOV are going to be rocking...3 fantabulous months!!

In my view the next 2months are going to be very exciting and very fruitfull for all the indian investors at least. I cant find any crisis in the near future.......but then again.... any adversity will not tell u and come.Adversity comes and then u will understand that u r struck in the QUICK-SAND!!!!!!

IMPOSSIBLE is nothing in stock markets!! They are highly UNPREDICTABLE. UNCERTAINITY is the second name of any stock market & UNPREDICTABILITY is the synonym!!!! Everything is VOLATILE here. Nothing is INEVITABLE!!

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