Friday, May 28, 2010

A Joy Ride !

For me, there were two much awaited events so far this year - KITES & AJAY's INDIA TRIP. (Un)Luckily both coincided !! I booked 3 tickets for much hyped KITES for the coming saturday evening on wednesday evening itself (@cineplanet).

Heads up - when we both go together, track record of getting things done smoothly is very poor.

So... saturday evening ... excited(not really, specially after reading reviews). We took our seats and the movie was just about to begin & .... & suddenly the screen has gone blank ! We thought there must be some technical glitch and movie will begin shortly & stuck to our seats with a fountain coke in hand. College crowd behind our row went wild - full of energy- each time a girl steps in :P The wait seemed longer than expected... wild college gang became calm, tired and weak... after 30mins, slowly people started going out(unable to bear the humidity inside - no A/C) ... we realized there must be something wrong. We trio followed them... moved out... only to learn that there is power but the problem is with the main transformer from where the power gets circulated!!! The F word came out loud :P Clueless... Helpless... people started queuing up to collect their (ticket) money back. Unable to withstand the crowd, we left the place without collecting the money.

Next Thursday ... a weekday... late night show... same place ... but different movie ... we were only 2 this time. After a lot of struggle we got our refund in the form of tickets to some other movie. We gracefully accepted as we do not have any other plans. Done with dinner, it is then 9:45pm... Show time - 10pm... we were just waiting outside for the gates to open.... and history repeats !! it's dark all around... again yelled the F word loud :P learnt from the security that this has become a frequent phenomenon in that multiplex !! It's 10.15pm now... we thought of calling it off... collected money back and thought of going to Prasad's to watch the 11pm 'The Prince of Persia' premier show. Prasad's is not less than 20kms from the place we are in that time. We have about 30mins to reach and buy tickets !! If we ride... with the kind of roads in HYD...I'm sure we can make it only for next day early morning show !!... I knew we have to fly to make it in time !! Challenge accepted !! I unleashed my monster bike - YAMAHA FZ... it was NH7 ... a heavenly stretch of 4kms... touched 100KMs/hr in no time :-) ... technically we were flying :-) what a ride it was :D

Finally we made it with a handsome 5mins !!! Ajay went to buy tickets... I went to park my ride. After all these efforts I got a call from Ajay in parking lot saying - TICKETS SOLD OUT :( never mind... I did not watch KITES yet... & tickets are available in plenty for this one :P we grabbed 2 and entered the cinema. This time no surprises... the show went on smoothly !! & interestingly it wasn't as bad as the critics rated... at least to me ! :-)

This ride will definitely worth it !! One of the memorable ones... tnx Ajay... hope you thoroughly enjoyed sitting on my pillion seat :P Sorry if the ride wasn't as sleek as it would have been in Abu Dhabi :P

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A J A Y said...

lol dat was the day will always be remembered hahaha, wat a day it was!!! And ofcourse I njoyed da flying speed in ur FZ dude even though it was scary on back seat & thx 4 da safe driving wit control at 100KMPH :P At da end I felt very happy coz v won da challenge by overcoming our unlucky times v use 2 face all da time where ever we go for any means by watching Kites movie successfully in Prasads... Cheers :)