Saturday, February 27, 2010

4 Adieus & 1 welcome !

This FEB by far is the most action packed month I remember. I have bid farewell to 3 of my friends, my brother and received 1 friend!! Viru, Prateek & Sai have left Hyd chasing their their dreams and Vinay has come to visit Hyd for 3weeks after a long gap of 1.5yrs. Vinay went to US in Aug 08 for higher studies. He got placed in Cisco and have to report in San Jose next month. I know him for over a decade now. Almost everyone I know who flew abroad for studies have changed, & that is quite natural. But this guy is still the same - way he talks, walks, food habits, genre of movies etc., nothing has changed about him. I don't know how he managed but trust me, he is still the same.

Viru flew to South Africa for the FIFA project, Prateek left to Delhi - his hometown & Sai flew to UK to pursue masters.

Viru had 2 dreams (related to sports) - 1. to watch soccer world cup & 2. to watch cricket world cup!! He will live his first dream when the world cup begins this June in SA. Durga Elite is the apartments name where our gang hangs out every week. Durga Elite becomes a mini sports bar on weekends!! All 7 of us are sport maniacs. To make things even more interesting we play fantasy premier league !! The discussions usually happen on 4 important topics - 1. Sports(ranging for Cricket to Tennis, F1 & Soccer included !!) 2. CoRCC/Satyam 3. Movies & 4. Chicks !! ( 50 - 25 - 15 -10 respectively). Everyone except Nikhil is/was a part of CoRCC at some point of their career in Satyam. But, But, Nikhil knows equally well about ppl in CoRCC (no wonder how).

From this week, we are only 5 :( In the course of next few weeks/months this number might go down further as everyone is in queue to move out of CoRCC. Guess that's how life is ... addition & subtraction of friends on a regular basis.

Will for sure miss them :-( All the best guys...

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