Monday, February 01, 2010

Super Sunday !

Last night we've been to Sports Bar in Banjara hills. I was the only teetotaler in the group of 7 !! One of the prime reasons of not being to any bars/pubs till now is that always used to think all bars will be smoking zones where the cigar smoke is more dense than the fog at Delhi airport !! Specially after Bar One nightmare, I thought I would never step into the bar ever. Contrary to my belief, Sports Bar was quite decent. In fact it is rocking !! Then I've learnt that all bars are not smoking zones. Good for me !

The occasion was ManU Vs Arsenal match. 4 for Aresenal & 2 for ManU & me as Chelsea supporter took a neutral stand initially, but tilted towards ManU when the match actually begun:P Idea was to get a balance (4-3). Anyway, it turned out to be a very boring match as ManU crushed Arsenal by a 3-1 & got close to Chelsea. Half of the Arsenal battalion left by half time as the scorecard read 2-0 in favor of ManU.

But the real fun began after the match ended... in fact an hour after the match has ended. We all were just done having food & saw a bunch of fanboys coming in to the bar at 12.30 or so... they too were a mix of Arsenal & ManU fans and most importantly they all were in a single group ! The losers (Arsenal fans) started yelling Arsenal, as a true fan stands by to his/her team. It caught the attention of rivals and IT all began !! IT refers to the verbal fight... the fight raged on, situation heated up when all fanboys gathered and arguing where everyone kept shouting and no one can hear what the opposite person is saying. I was a lone spectator watching it from a distance, sitting in a corner of the couch!! It was all chaos for a while... but everything seemed to be in control !! Arsenal fans started yelling the slogan 'ManU, FUCK U' & 'ARESNAL, HUMARE DIL MEIN HAR PAL' !! After an intense 20 - 30 mins argument defending their teams & portraying the so called 'cheap' tactics of the opposite teams, our group moved on. The good part of this fight is that no one took it too seriously despite consuming barons of alcohol in the past 3 hrs. Everyone was in good spirits !

In all it was a good outing... & I am not scared of going to BAR again :-)

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