Monday, June 09, 2008


RED was ruling the roost in the F1 2008 season till now. McLaren, BMW were struggling to catch up with the Ferrari's pace. Renault, Red Bull, Honda & Toyota were no where in the picture!! Kimi and Massa were in fantabulous form. Just when almost everyone thought its going to be the Ferrari all the way, both the constructors and the drivers championship are now wide open! After 7 GPs for the first time this season the top 4 drivers standings are separated by just 7Points. Ferrari & BMW are going neck to neck for the constructors. Ferrari is on the top with 73 points leading BMW by just 3points. I am sure McLaren will soon join the party to make things even more interesting.

Kimi & his team(Ferrari) were way ahead of others till the Turkish GP. But in the next two races the whole scene has changed. BMW's promising driver Kubica is leading the drivers championship. I must say this Polish driver is going great guns. With his consistency he is going full throttle and firing all the cylinders. Thanks to the wonderful engine developed by BMW this season. They are matching the pace of Ferrari & McLaren !! One must say lil luck too favored BMW in the Canadian GP. After that Adrian Sutil's gear box failure, safety car has spoiled the strategy of Ferrari. Adding to that, Hamilton has hit Kimster from behind in the pits. Poor Hamilton didnot see the RED light ON(he must have born in HYDERABAD!! Hyderabadi istyle of crossing the junctions). This soon led to chaos in pits(ADVANTAGE BMW).

Eagerly looking forward for the GP in France. Its going to be fun. Its going to be full of adrenaline rush. Its going to be a key race for both the RED Drivers. Its going to be do or die for McLaren(for constructors). If Kimi fails to make a podium finish this time alone, its going to be an uphill task for him to defend his title(which was hard fought and won last season). He is an iconic driver but some serious questions will be raised on his consistency again. But considering the fact that Hamilton is fined 10 grid places penalty for the French GP, the way for KIMI is quite clear(unless McLarens go on a single pitstop strategy!).

ICEMAN set the track on FIRE. GO KIMI .....U ROCK.

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