Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vroom Vrooom Vroooom

I was waiting for the past 6months for this day ! I have post-poned the plans of buying a new bike for myself just because of YAMAHA's new 150CC power bike launch. Must have had a look at Yamaha India's official website at least a 100times till now!! through which I got to know the technology used and various specifications of this bike & the day has finally come(12.06.2008).

The all new Yamaha R15(a variant of the legendary R1) has been officially launched in INDIA.

Yamaha's has got only one hit model in INDIA till date. Thats RX Series. This time around I should say its a very bold,smart and well calculated move which Yamaha has made. With the launch of power bikes in INDIA they want to bring in a revolution in motor biking. Its really too ambitious to expect an instant hit. But slowly the things will turn around. Say in the next 5years or so, we will be seeing more and more 150CC+ bikes on the roads. Its the Indian Youth's changing lifestyles and the passion for speed which plays a major role. I feel, Yamaha this time got everything just about right when it comes to the performance of R15. With tubeless tyres on & 6 speed gear box and @ 140 KMPH, undoubtedly this beast is the fastest bike on Indian roads. Pulsars, Karizmas, Apaches & CBZs will stay at bay when they race with R15. But(yeah... these But's' are always there !!) the price seems to be a little too high for a common man. @ over 1 Lakh for a 150CC bike & increasing fuel prices each day, people who are filthy rich only might go for it right now. Yamaha might just reconsider its price after having a look at the sales at the end of this FY.

CLICK HERE to know more about this stunning beauty ! Be careful, It might just take ur breath away.

As of now, I have kept the plans of buying a power bike on Hold. One thing which is common between Mobiles, Bikes & Girls is that you will always get a better model if u can wait longer!!
With 2 world class product launches in a span of less than a week(Apple iPhone 2.0 & Yamaha R15) I am on cloud 9.

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