Monday, May 19, 2008

Lakshya 2....It took him 24years and 2600 Kms to find himself

Note: Guys who don't understand Telugu should excuse me for first paragraph.


"Sariga chaduvukora babu... backlogs lekunda eppatikapudu clear chesuko ra idiot...60% anna techuko ra fool... B.Tech 4 years lo finish cheyaka pote taravata badha padalsivastundi ra brainless creature...". Ilanti dialogues kanisam oka dozen friends semester ki oka dozen times each cheppi untam!! vinnada? lede.."meeru chadavamante chadavala? naa istam vachinatu chaduvuta...ipudu mood ledu. Night ki meeranta nidra poyaka chaduvuta.... main aisa hi hoon.." ani reply vachedi. Hmmm... veedu manaku vinadu le... forget him ani we used to carry on. Not that we used to burn the midnight oil each day, but still at least on the day before the exam(most of them call it one night battle....battle for that magical 60%).

The dude I am referring to is one of my dearest... probably the closest of all my friends. He is Ajay Kumar Penmatsa. Here is the Pic of that moron.

Post interval......(Now the Story gets a lil serious):

St. Martin's Engg. College... E.E.E .... 2002 First batch(though he has passed out along with 2nd batch !!). He has past almost 2years deciding what he wants to do in life. Finally stuc
k to networking. Worked in a small 'company' like company in Hyd for few months. Hardly gained any experience as there was hardly anything happening in that company. Understandably they did not pay him even a single penny. Frustrated & Irritated, thought of calling it quits. I was one of the closest to watch him each day(may be next only to his dad). NOW, all he needs is a break.

Then came a call from Abu Dhabi!! (not with work permit). He went on a tourist visa to meet his mom and aunt. 7.5 Weeks now. 04.04.08 is the date he left India. I/We felt a hint of discomfort when he left. But LIFE should go on. Today I received a call from this chap. He has attended an interview and got through. I was more than just happy when I heard him say that he has got the appointment letter with a decent pay package to survive there.

Climax....A good beginning !

I am sure even he must be on Cloud 9. The Flip side...Call it GOOD or BAD... but he is going to spend the next few years(at least a couple of them) outside India. Dude.... We are going to miss your company for sure.

Wishing him "All The Very Best In LIFE". Start a new journey mate...& in this journey try committing some new mistakes!!(Just kidding). The real Testing Times for you will begin now. Living 2600 KMs away from homeland for the first time and that too with hardly any Indians around!! eeeeeeeee...... I can imagine only few things. For sure, You are going to be a lot tougher psychologically when u return India(tu waisa nahi rahega!!).

We'll be looking for a completely transformed YOU .......

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Narender said...

A very inspirational story you have shared here. How is he doing now?

For everyone, a change in their beliefs, place of stay, relationships etc., open them up to see a new perspective about themselves or build a new one. That must have happened to him.

Today, I feel as if I had lost somewhere. I don't know where to go to FIND myself!