Wednesday, June 11, 2008

iPhone 2.0

STEVE is back ! U must have seen/read the new iPhone 2.0 launch/review. But still, this gadget is worth mentioning any number of times. Below are the reasons....

1. It has 3G
2. It has GPS
3. It has Bluetooth Headset for Radio
4. It has MS Exchange Active Sync
5. It allows third party apps & Many more..

If you think these are no big deal for you to buy iPhone then you need to think again. coz the killer of all is its price. YES, with just 199$ for a 8GB & 300$ for a 16GB phone APPLE is also into a price war. Of course, U need to sign a post paid 2yr contract with the service provider in ur country. Apart from this I don't find even a single pitfall in this phone. But dont worry, hackers & crackers are always there to do the unlocking part of it !! This phone has got all the features that u need.

I cant wait to get my hands on it!! I have pre-registered for an iPhone for myself. If u r also looking to buy this stunningly beautiful and stylishly sexy master-piece then register right here, right now(for Indian Citizens only).
Airtel users
Vodafone users

Eagerly waiting for its INDIA launch. No wonder the monthly rental will be at least Rs.800/month and I really doubt if it costs 199$ in INDIA !! I am GAME even if I need to shed few extra bucks.

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Hemu said...

I dont think so
there are sooo many pit falls from an user perspective..
it has nothing other than multitouch , which i would definitely agree as The Revolution.