Sunday, December 13, 2009

25 !!

Time moves so swiftly :(

I still remember those college days... catching the bus early in the morning, classroom noise, bunking classes, cafeteria graffiti, sports & of course exams..... memories are still fresh. Today when I look back, I just cant believe that its been 3 and a half years that i graduated.

I cant think of even a single thing that hasn't changed in these 3.5 yrs, so am I. Transformation from a young college grad to a professional (may not be a 'through' prof) hasn't been easy. Thats what u call 'LIFE'... may be way of LIFE, may be experiences in LIFE or may be lessons in LIFE ;)

Y'day when I turned 25, I've suddenly started feeling old!!!! I wish LIFE has something like 'backspace' :P 'Move on' with TIME =>

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