Thursday, November 26, 2009

To Akki - u suck

Posting this with a lot of frustration & disappointment.

De Dana Dan sucks, so is Akshay. The less I talk about it, the better it is. I thought this movie will be 'bad' ... but after watching the movie I felt the word 'bad' doesn't justify its quality. It needs something of higher degree :P worse, pathetic, ridiculous, stupid, absurd,ludicrous, farce, idiotic etc... are the correct words for this f***ing movie. The only good 'parts' of the movie are white doggy & Katrina, Cute & Sexy respectively :P.

Trust me, u've got something better to do than waste 3hrs on this. If u still want to watch this stinking movie, I advice you to take a Zandu Balm or some Asprin along.

Akki... get a life. Its high time... do something different. Learn from Aamir.

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