Saturday, December 26, 2009

Number game

Let me tell you upfront ... I am not a voracious reader, in fact I hate reading to the core. It makes me lousy, sleepy, boring & what not. Books for me act faster than the sleep inducing pills :P everyone in my family has this dirty habit of not reading much stuff. May be I have inherited his habit :P The only novel I remember completing till date is Dan Brown's 'Angels & Demons'.

After hearing a lot from my office colleagues about Chetan Bhagat's new novel '2 states' I thought of giving it a try. Downloaded the ebook as I my track record of reading the books is very bad. Never finished what I have bought so far in my life :-( Many of you might be aware of Chetan's earlier works - Five Point Someone, One night at call center, Three mistakes of my life.... & now two states. If you observe closely, Interestingly, all these titles have a 'number' in them. Guess Chetan is very fond of numbers - an IITian, then an IIMA passout... So, I guess the probability of odds in favour of my earlier guess is 0.9 :P & his fondness for numbers reflect in his novels as well. Trust me, each page contains at least half a dozen numbers and in my opinion it adds essence to the book, makes it funny at times, makes it even more interesting to read. I will not be surprised if Chetan's 5th book has 'four' in the title :P

I am half way now. The first half of the first half (i.e., the first quarter of the book) is really really interesting, then the sheen is out after the characters pass out of IIMA....still it is a decent read so far. Would like to finish this book by this weekend & yeah... I feel very embarrassed looking at my reading speed. People in my office finished this book in few hours , a day or two !! can you believe it ? huh... and I am talking about taking a week :-( That shows how lazy I am when it comes to reading.


A J A Y said...

lol its gud 2 hear dat u started holding those story books again :P nyways am happy dat u always keep finding something or the other 2 skip ur boredom wit out sitting idle :) , go ahead dude finish all da stories soon b4 May 2010, coz u gonna narrate all of em 2 me after I land in Ind :D

Sunny Depp said...

awesome !! leave granted ?