Monday, November 23, 2009

Best way to get out of boredom ?

I've got a question for you... specially for people who are still single(with no GFs) --- What is the best way to get out of boredom when you are alone?

Well... each one of us probably have our own way of dealing with boredom. For example... my old & best friend Ajay 'dances' or rather say a mixture of aerobics and dance whenever he gets bored!! Vinay starts reading stuff online or watches youtube videos, more than half of my colleagues... (say friends at work!) spend time sleeping :P, the rest are addicted to Farming in Facebook (farmville) !! Mom spends half of her time watching TV serials :P etc... etc...

The known fact to most of you is that... I am single with absolutely no track record of having a girl friend(now, before you get me wrong, let me clarify - I AM STRAIGHT)... my only passion(s) in life so far are - Stock Markets(where 95/100 times I end up loosing money!) and sports.

I now have hardly any old friends at home :( all dispersed!! We managed to rope in 12-14 guys in office and play cricket every saturday morning at a ground that is 12kms away from my home!! As 8 out of 10 people say "My work sucks" and I am among those 8!! Below is my daily routine and I hardly deviate from this fixed schedule (MON-FRI):

Step in to office @ 11am
Login & read Online News, check stock quotes etc...
T Break @ 11.45 which most often than not ends up longer than a lunch break!
Check mails and surf for an hour or two
Lunch Break @ 2 PM
Pretend to be busy! for another hour or two....
T Break @ 4PM
Log out & Step out @ 5PM followed by gaming activities and swimming at club !!

Apart from this... I have got a lot of time to kill. So... I resumed my movie marathon! With Airtel broadband at home I can download a movie over night & with Vibhor in office - I dont give a damn even if my internet doesnt work for ages :P!! So... here I go "a movie a day keeps the boredom at bay" :P Last week I've watched at least a dozen movies.... I would have visited IMDB not less than 200 times!! Never slept before midnight!!

With my external hard drive full of movies, it is assured that I am going to get bored anytime in the near future :P LOL.... As I write this post, 'GOOD WILL HUNTING' is 70% done!! :P

& finally, this time on a serious note..... I genuinely feel all this needs to be changed for the betterment of my future. But, u know 'Old habits die hard' ;)

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A J A Y said...

hahaha nice btw being singles lyk us gaves us a lots of tym 2 pass & money spending 4 ourselves rather dan doing it 4 some1 else... :D

1) one way I call dis as a biggest advantage 2 all da singles (especially for boys) as dey dont hav choice 2 sit idle at home or stick 2 kitchens lyk most of da Ind girls as per sociologic history values of Ind, so they hav 2 do something or the other 2 pass their free tym which may lead to broader ideas & discovering something new which may relate 2 their career or useful to others atleast.

2) But in other ways v feel lyk missing of making love (damn affectionate sensations 2 opp sex due 2 harmonic changes in our bodies on dis age) wit someone special girl which gives u some kind of pleasure & makes u feel good of spending tym 4 her bla bla bla....

but at da end I go 4 da 1st option only of being single by sacrifying da gf matter by doing so v can be more tension free comparitively.... :D :P :) ;)