Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bengali Food......Ahh !!

After a soporific week at office I had something to cheer this weekend!! I met three of my old friends. Then went to meet two of my Bengali ex-colleagues. We had a very good time pulling each others' legs for few hours while discussing our lives... past, present & future.

Bengali Samithi is around 6Kms from my friends' place. I was very particular about tasting the Fish and few other specialized Bengali dishes. We went there to have food at 9PM. Below is the snap of the fish I have tasted. Its called RUI. I was taken by surprise when they said that this fish is exported to Bengal from Andhra!! I had the most famous Bengali Rasgulla too. Try some Bengali dishes if U get an opportunity. Trust me... they are really worth giving a try.

For now Look at the snap of the dish I had :) Uummmahh........ Yummyyyyy :)

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