Sunday, April 27, 2008

Straight from the Heart

Few days back I was speaking to Soumya(one of my old friends), who was my classmate in my graduation. We were discussing various topics ranging from Life in India to the Life in America(that is where she currently is) over GTalk. She is a regular visitor of my blog. She asked me the reason for not posting any articles these days. My excuse was "Busy with work in office"!! (Where as the truth is I am too lazy to think of anything). Then came a complement. "All your posts are genuinely 'Straight from the Heart', please keep writing". I was happy(at last I found a living soul on this earth apart from me who visits my blog regularly) & thought of writing an article and dedicate it to this girl(after all she has taken pain to praise me !!).

@Soumya: This post is purely dedicated to you. It took me almost a week to finish this.

Its been almost 2 Years that I passed out of the college. If I remember correctly 27-04-2006 was the last exam which placed a CHECK to my LIFE! Through out my education(in fact even now!!) I kept hearing people say... "You are the architect of your future". Yes. I fully agree. But who is the architect of your best friends' future??!! without whom life is like a Fish out of water. You never know what life has in store for each one of us. You never know to which corner of the world life takes you tomorrow. You never know whom u r going to meet and spend most of ur time with. You never know... You never know.

Like they say "every good journey should come to an end". We meet lot many during the journey. Even before we think of strengthening the relation with them, the journey might come to an end!! That is how LIFE is. So CRUEL. The pain stays for a couple of days and U'll be back to business(someone replacing that vacancy!!). But there will be a vacuum created when the best of friends get separated, which no one can fill!! and when U have a look at the flashback(as I am currently doing) U can find only the traces of those footprints.

Today, if I look back at the past 6years, I feel, there are a few things which I think I should have done much better, there are things which should have left alone, there are things which were(can be) done only by me and there are a few things which were done by others and I ended up being just a spectator !!

These 6years was a lot of learning. A lot has changed. The way I perceive things, Knowing what is good for me, Building relations, Keeping my temper under control, Accepting Change to name a few. Gone through various critical phases. I have met the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. There were unforgettable best days in my life. Not to forget there were TONS of bad memories TOOOOO. The so called Self-Confidence was hammered & I have bitten the dust on various occasions. Nevertheless its been fun all way. I invite troubles so that I can push myself into the quicksand hoping there will be for sure a way to come out of it. And each time I do, people call me CRAZY. I keep reminding them the saying..."Always take risks in life. If you win U'll be successful. Else U'll be Wise". I have learnt LIFE is these 6years. But there is a lot to LIVE & LEARN.

Always remember:
  1. Accept the things which U cant Change, Change the things which U cant Accept !
  2. There is nothing called LUCK. Its just CRAP(Even if I use it... I never mean it) !!
  3. Money can TALK. Its proven !!!
  4. Gone are the good days. But, the Best Days are yet to come !!!!

:) SunnyDepp :)


vinnu said...

chaala baaga raasaavura maama.....
ala heart ni bayataku theesi koncham gaallo lightga uupi malli lopala pettinatundira........

Soumya said...

Ahaaa..ohooo...kathii !!! :D Nice post.. very analytical and thoughful!! (kyu na ho.. mein inspiration jo hu.. ;)