Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I am & What I want to BE

Ever gave a thought to explore urself ?

This taught was haunting me for the past few months ! But I am lazy enough to detour this thought and procrastinate it. It is highly impossible to come out of your comfort zone and make a SWOT analysis kinda. At this juncture, I remember the old adage "Procrastination is the fault most people put off correcting".
Finally , i thought of breaking the ICE and started writing this article. If you also fall under this category, then please, at least for your sake, break the JINX and come out of those woods.

If interested in knowing more about me, then continue reading....

  1. I am a Lazy bug, probably the laziest you can ever find around you.
  2. I Hate to think, at times become over confident & act in haste .
  3. I am a spoiled BRAT, I am a firm believer of "Doing what you like is Freedom, Liking what you do is Happiness".
  4. I love to watch Hollywood movies, but unfortunately never understood the complete plot in any of the fiction movies :(
  5. I am a Cricket Crazy fan. Sometimes even skip the office work to watch Indian matches !
  6. I treat books as sleeping pills ! I never faced the problem of Insomnia in my entire life, books are perfect remedy for me. One dose = one page of any book(novels are no exception) and I'll soon get into deep sleep after which no one can wake me up !! & the next day, I end up reading the same page again !!
  7. My new year resolution last year was "to go for Jogging early in the morning". My new year resolution this year was also "to go for Jogging early in the morning"! My new year resolution next year can also be "to go for Jogging early in the morning" !!!
  8. I loose interest in many of the things very quickly. I can give N number of such things in my life. But few things which fascinated me like nothing else are STOCK MARKETS, CRICKET, F1, QUOTATIONS, PANIPURI, BLACK Colour, STEVE JOBS/APPLE PRODUCTS, MUSIC OF B^3 (BRYAN ADAMS, BACKSTREETBOYS & BOYZONE) + ENRIQUE + SONU NIGAM, HRITHIK ROSHAN, DIL CHAHTA HAI(must have watched it a dozen times fully & another dozen times partially !).


  1. I want to hate the word Procrastination. Delete it from my WORD WEB Dictionary !
  2. I want to continue going to the office late on a consistent basis. But still be able to complete all the work given by sharp 6.30 PM. This is 'WHAT BUSINESS DEMANDS', 'HIGH PERFORMANCE, DELIVERED' !!
  3. I want to be LOVED & more LOVABLE than i am presently.
  4. I want to be quick witted & take my sense of humor to the Zenith.
  5. I want to watch AAMIR KHAN more frequently in future, of course in movies.
  6. LETS GET A BIT MORE SERIOUS from now... I want to increase my concentration levels and prepare more seriously for CAT 08, so that i can crack CAT 09 and break into one of the TOP 20 INDIAN B-Schools and start doing my dream course "MBA" with specialization in FINANCE by 2010.
  7. I want to increase my READING SPEED.
  8. I want to be a millionaire by the time i reach 30. This is the same target which WARREN BUFFET wanted to reach when he was in teenage. I have started a lil late, but no worries..... LET ME GIVE MY BLOODY BEST !
  9. I want to own a FORMULA ONE TEAM in future. Am I not too greedy?? Yeah... even I think so. Chalo... if not a TEAM at least a RED FERRARI CAR with V10 engine*(might get upgraded with time).
  10. I want to clear all my Current Credit Card debts in another 2 quarters & get make fresh debts in order to buy a new power bike !!
  11. I want to own at least a piece of all APPLE products. Primarily an iMAC so that I can trash my WINDOWS through my back DOOR.
  12. I want to be a synonym of MAVERICK :)

Will jot down few more as soon it strikes me. Thanks for sparing your invaluable time and reading this non-sense stuff written by a Maverick, who is still in the process of discovering who he actually is !!

You can soon join this elite club by penning down what you want to be in future. TRUST ME....ITS FUN !


Soumya said...

wohoo!!! Is dat enuf ?? :D
These remind me of the songs.. Chand tare thod lavu - Yes Boss and Bas dil ko chahe thoda paisa, chahe jaisa par kaiseee!!! - Agosh :P

sunny depp said...

this is a very small list baby!! Will be sufficient only for next decade or so. will update the list with time !!!