Friday, February 22, 2008

How famous are you ?

I dont really know what I want to write in this article. Today,I just want to post something on this blog. So thought of scribbling some random thoughts that were going on my mind at this point in time.

How do you generally measure SUCCESS ??
Now don't tell me it all depends on your perception. YES.... it is, but, still I want to count the ways we can measure someone's success.
Either it should be in terms of Money or Name/Fame(of course 'Name' for Good cause, otherwise it would be Blame!!). Fame and Money go hand in hand. Somehow I feel, both are inter related. If you have Money, (which is as sweet as Honey) Fame will follow and vice-versa.
I tried to prove my hypothesis wrong. But realized that i failed to prove what i want to prove. I considered few examples...oh sorry.. not few....TENS of examples.Of course, all of them are Celebrities. And in this process I hardly found anyone who has only One of the above mentioned qualities. Almost all the successful people have both the things with an exception. If a person has more money then he has more fame but the other way around need not be true. A person might be famous but he need not be as rich(But, RICH for sure!).

Long time back I read a book called 'YOU CAN WIN' written by SHIV KERA, which I am sure most of you must have read. He has a formula to measure success.


Now if you consider this formula has got only numerator and a denominator, and one of the simplest formulae you might have ever come across, then you are seriously mistaken. There are hell lot of parameters that come into picture when you deeply analyze it.

Now, I have discovered an interesting and a funny way to identify how famous a person is(in other words, how successful he is). In an era of Cyber Revolution, I don't think there would be any person on this planet who knows a lil bit of computers and don't know anything about GOOGLE. I tried to search in GOOGLE with keyword as my NAME. The whole idea is to know if I figure in any of the search results ! And if I appear in the search results then at which position. What is the PAGE RANK of that web page. Fortunately the very first link gave details about me !!! Of course, details mentioned about me in my very own blog. Then I tried to check the Page Rank of my blog. Unfortunately, the Page Rank is Zero :( . No surprises, as I was expecting this number.

Its a known fact that the celebrities appear at the top of the list. AM I A CELEBRITY ?! ALMOST FAMOUS !!

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