Monday, March 14, 2011

M for Marriage !

Over the past 6 months, one thought is drooling in my mind & it is about marriage. No, not mine... But people around me, colleagues I look at every day, friends who give me company on weekends.. every one, literally every one is getting married or at least thinking about it !!

Oh c'mon, I am hardly 26 and so are most of my friends.. few are a few months younger than me !! There are quite a few things that I did not understand so far in my two and a half decades of life. Marriage is one of them! What seemed fine till y'day changed drastically in less than 6months. 6 of my close friends got married in the last 4 months) and few more are in Pipeline. I'm struggling to find some proper company to hangout in free time. People who are married are busy setting up a new home... and people who are about to get married are busy going around their fiancees :P The only past time left for me now is to watch movies at home. Have to quickly find a way out to kill this boredom before it kills me...

Don't know what's happening, but whatever is happening not at all excites me ;-) am I weird or is it just the world around me? huh... what am I talking .. Good Night and Good Luck !

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