Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Biggest B'day party in HYD !

Last Sunday, 24-04-2011, I have been to the biggest party in Hyderabad ! A birthday party celebrated by close to 45k people in a cricket stadium at Uppal, Hyderabad. Sachin Tendulkar turned 38... But SACHIN IS IMMORTAL ! As they say "age is just a mind over matter, if you do not mind it doesn't matter!!". This is definitely true in Sachin's case.. His passion for the game is unmatched...

Huge banners said it all... crowd cheered every run that came off his bat, yelled every time the ball went to him while fielding... gone mad for a few seconds when he fielded at the mid wicket boundary fence for a ball (I repeat - only for ONE BALL)... roof would have blown away with the noise made when he dived across to stop a single!!... sang birthday song... took snaps...

Majority of the crowd supported Mumbai Indians!! such is his charisma. I doubt if any other cricketer (or any other sportsman for that matter) has such huge fan following where ever he goes. Since I don't really believe in the existence of god, I hate when somebody calls him god. But yes... I do believe in his supernatural abilities & skills !! Really happy to have watched the master bat for over 8 overs and score 28 off 24.

A lot has already been said and written about this great man... and a lot more will be for sure in future... but, the more said, the less it will be !!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Anna Rocks !

How many of you heard about Anna Hazare? I would be lying if I say that I know who Anna Hazare is before April 5th 2011 !! But, after reading stuff about him, I now feel he is 'something' !

Mr. Hazare (73), is now easily the most respected person in India (may be more than the likes of CWC heroes Sachin & Dhoni). He is much touted as the modern day Gandhi for his silent yet aggressive stance on 'Jan Lokpal bill'. As I write this post, he entered the 4th day of his hunger strike ( fast unto death!) at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. Finally, somebody has stood on his toes to fight against the biggest menace for our society. Hats off Mr. Hazare !

Corruption has penetrated into the roots of our nation - from municipality to assembly and traffic police to CWG ! Almost anything (and anyone) can be bought these days - this has become a way of life (Indian life). The well known fact is people (specially govt. officials) do not move an inch if they are not bribed. Dozens of movies were made with corruption as the back drop... but we forget them the moment we step out of the cinema ! So much is being said all the time but hardly anything was done.

Glad that the youth of India is behind Hazare and trying their bit to change the nation. Overnight, this grandpa has become an icon (Note: By saying 'overnight', by no means I'm undermining what Mr. Hazare has done to this nation). Long live Hazare...